• Atmospheric Water Generator
    Airwaterawg, provide high quality atmospheric water generators for home and office, and also for commercial and industrial use.  We are committed to providing reliable, sustainable and cost-effective water machine solutions for areas of the world with water shortages. Join us today, as a distributor! All the atmospheric water generator products with high quality, competitive price and many styles. Contact today.
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  • Air Water Generator For Home/Office
    The air water generator equipment is perfect machine for Water-poor areas. Our air water making machines are recognized and used by many foreign users, high quality and lower price. This air water generator is very suitable for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, gyms, cafes, restaurants, hotels, resorts, etc.. They require almost no maintenance,  "plug and play". In addition to helping you solve drinking and water problems, we also hope that you can recommend products to people in need. Welcome to join us, become our distributor, and become a member of the global water business.
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  • Air Water Generator For Business
    These large-capacity air water generator can absorb the moisture in the outside air and transform it into the purest, healthiest, and most oxygen-containing drinking water on the planet. Commercial air water generator, can help you solve more industrial water and commercial water problems. We have atmospheric water generators with different capacities that can be used in different places, such as Industrial Air Water Generator, Storage capacity: 1800 Liters, suitable for large shopping malls; Atmospheric Water Generator EA3000, suitable for agriculture,etc.. If you have any questions of water making machines from us. Please contact us immediately.
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About Us
Why Choose Us


We are a well-established developer, manufacturer of Atmospheric Water Generators products, and has emerged as the dominant player in the Atmospheric Water Generation since 2001. As the first world-recognized manufacturer initializing Atmospheric Water Generators concept and successfully converting into mass production, thereafter it has been in the lead of the industry as the largest manufacture base for over 20 years regardless of being copied by other manufacturers. We focus its full resources in developing, manufacturing, and marketing of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) as well as RO Water Purification and Filtration appliances. We are the answer to global water shortage and purification needs. We are the World's Largest Selling Air Water Generator and Drinking Water Purifier brand with its presence in over 65 countries. Our Atmospheric Water Generators provide the most cost-effective solution and most solid quality products to the global shortage of drinking water by extracting water from thin air and turning it into pure, healthy drinking water. Our Mission: To design and manufacture highly reliable atmospheric water generators and other water-filtration/purification appliances at affordable prices; allowing consumers to obtain high-quality, yet economical, purified drinking water, regardless of their geographical location or economic conditions. Vision Statement: To become the premier worldwide supplier of high-quality, purified drinking water through the use of unique, revolutionary and innovative technologies, and provide a complete solution to the world's drinking water needs.
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Our Main Products Including:

1. Atmospheric Water Generator

2.Air Water Machine

3.Air Water Generator

4.Industrial Atmospheric Water Generator

5.Air Water Generator For Home

  • Our History

    20 years of patents, exported to 65 countries and regions

  • Our Mission

    Obtain high-quality and economical pure drinking water

  • Our Vision

    Provide a complete solution for the global drinking water demand

Hot Products
White Air to water machine for home HR-77M -Airwaterawg White Air to water machine for home HR-77M
This is an Air to water machine suitable for household use. It has beautiful appearance, LCD screen display, simple and convenient operation, small area, and can produce cold water and hot water, giving you enough choices.
Household Air to Water Drinking Generator,air drinking water generators Household Air to Water Drinking Generator HR-90HK
Household Air to Water Drinking Generator absorbs moisture from the air through condensation.The water is filtered and sterilized to produce healthy water.Suitable for families, offices, schools, hospitals, gyms, cafes and restaurants, hotels and resorts and other facilities. It can immediately enjoy healthy, fresh and cost-effective air and water for you.
Office Air Drinking Water Generator, Air Drinking Water Generator Office Air Drinking Water Generator HR-88C
Our technology replicates the natural process of rain. It condenses water from moisture in the air, requiring only air and energy. Extract water from thin air and transform it into pure, healthy drinking water, providing the most cost-effective solution and the highest quality products for the global drinking water shortage. Widely used in homes, offices, holiday houses.
Industrial Atmospheric Water Generator EA-250 -Airwaterawg Industrial Atmospheric Water Generator EA-250
This is a blue industrial air water generator that can produce 250L of purified water per day. industrial Atmospheric Water Generator is suitable for small towns, disaster areas, flooded areas, disaster relief sites, water-polluted areas, and water-poor areas.
Air Water Making Machine,Office Mini Air Water Making Machine Office Mini Air Water Making Machine ZL9510D
This is a small air generator with small footprint, simple operation and beautiful appearance. The purified water produced meets the standards of the World Health Organization and Obtained European health authority certification, very suitable for human consumption. It is suitable for families, offices, schools, hospitals, gymnasiums, cafes and restaurants.
Small Commercial Atmospheric Water Generator EA-100 -Airwaterawg Small Commercial Atmospheric Water Generator EA-100
This is a small white commercial atmospheric water generator with sophisticated industrial design and sturdy housing. This commercial atmospheric water generator generated water 100 Liters per day at 30℃ and 80%RH.
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