• What are the disadvantages of hydrogen water Oct 20 , 2021
    I believe that the importance of water to humans goes without saying. Humans need water to maintain health and even survive. But for some people, ordinary water is far from enough. In recent years, flavored water, alkaline water, soda water and now hydrogen water have become popular as alternative hydration methods. The chemical composition of ordinary water is two parts hydrogen to one part oxyge...
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  • Knowledge about hydrogen-rich water Oct 08 , 2021
    Hydrogen water has significant therapeutic and health properties, which have been confirmed by numerous scientific studies on humans and animals. Hydrogen-rich water is ordinary drinking water rich in H2 gaseous molecular hydrogen. Hydrogen-rich water is tasteless and odorless; the hydrogen molecules in this water have nothing to do with water molecules, that is, it contains hydrogen in the form o...
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  • Household water generator can meet family needs Sep 27 , 2021
    With the increasing shortage of water resources, as the water crisis becomes more real, drought, pollution, snowdrift depletion and other problems have shortened our fresh water supply, you need to use a technology to improve water IQ-atmospheric water production. Although this sounds like a distant and completely different future, there are actually residential water generators on the market toda...
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  • The future war will be for water Sep 22 , 2021
    Important resources such as minerals, oil and diamonds are often accompanied by conflicts and poor governance. But when it comes to a particular resource—the most important resource among all resources—many people think that different theories will hold. It is often referred to as the water war argument, and it shows that as certain communities run out of water, increasing water shortages will tri...
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  • Why is the atmospheric water generator popular Sep 13 , 2021
    We all know that there is a shortage of drinking water in many parts of the world. In Gaza, the access to safe drinking water is very limited. After Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, its 2 million residents were blocked by Israel and Egypt. The blockade and ongoing conflict have led to power outages and deterioration of infrastructure.   If asked, most people would say that drinki...
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  • Factors for buying an air generator Sep 06 , 2021
    Before you follow the path of airwaterawg and buy your own Air Atmospheric Water Generators, you should consider three important factors. 1) Why do you want one? If you want cheap, clean water, it is best to filter the water that has already flowed from the tap. However, if you want a way to produce your own water in the event of a natural disaster, be more independent of the water company, or pro...
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  • The relationship between water resources and global conflict Aug 30 , 2021
    Nowadays, in developed countries, their domestic water has not been considered. In the underdeveloped areas of the world, thanks to the joint efforts of the government and non-governmental organizations that began in 1992, today 1.7 billion people have access to clean water. Despite this, millions of people die every year due to lack of preventable diseases and have access to clean water and prope...
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  • Viet Nam's demand for water soars Aug 23 , 2021
    The Israeli ambassador to Vietnam, Nadav Eshcar, stated that in Vietnam, a country still lacking water and poor water quality, the demand for clean water solutions is increasing: “Vietnam is the worst affected by global warming. One of the countries that has suffered from drought recently in the southern and central regions. In Israel, we already have a solution, and we are introducing it here." A...
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  • How much water does a person need to drink every day Aug 16 , 2021
    We often ask, how much water do people need to drink every day? Although this is a simple question, it has no simple answer. It depends on some environmental and physical factors that change every day. In addition, it's not just the water you drink—about 20% of your water intake comes from the food you eat. The remaining 80% comes from beverages, including water, coffee, tea, milk and any liquid. ...
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