Viet Nam's demand for water soars

August 23 , 2021
The Israeli ambassador to Vietnam, Nadav Eshcar, stated that in Vietnam, a country still lacking water and poor water quality, the demand for clean water solutions is increasing: “Vietnam is the worst affected by global warming. One of the countries that has suffered from drought recently in the southern and central regions. In Israel, we already have a solution, and we are introducing it here."

Airwaterawg's atmospheric generators have been applied in more than 60 regions and have more than 20 years of patents. The products are mature and have undergone numerous practical tests.

Imagine that you can quench your thirst with water not from rivers, springs or lakes, but directly from the blue sky and from the air around you. What sounds like a science fiction movie has become a reality and may be suitable for everyone.

This is the working principle of the air-to-water magic that occurs inside the machine: the atmospheric water generator sucks in ambient air through the filter, cools it at the dew point, and extracts water through condensation. Then the water is purified and mineralized, and it is safe to drink.

The air generator has a built-in reservoir and a water treatment system. The higher the air humidity, the more water the machine can extract.

Industrial Air Water Generators Machine EA-5000 can extract up to 5000 liters per day. It is designed to supply water to approximately 2500 people per day and can be installed on the roof and directly connected to the building's water network. A small one can provide drinking water for homes and offices, producing 25 to 30 liters per day. These machines only require electrical infrastructure to operate and can be installed anywhere.

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