How much water does a person need to drink every day

August 16 , 2021
We often ask, how much water do people need to drink every day? Although this is a simple question, it has no simple answer. It depends on some environmental and physical factors that change every day. In addition, it's not just the water you drink—about 20% of your water intake comes from the food you eat. The remaining 80% comes from beverages, including water, coffee, tea, milk and any liquid.

To be thirsty is to want something to drink. It can be caused by a decrease in the amount of fluid in and around cells and in the blood. Thirst is the way your body expresses that you need water to avoid dehydration.

Thirst also has behavioral components, which can be triggered by aromas and tastes, so just thinking about your favorite beverage will make you thirsty. It is also important to note that the thirst mechanism of the elderly is usually problematic, and they may not feel thirsty even if they are dehydrated.

Some things can cause bad breath, such as eating onions or garlic. But another potential cause is the lack of normal salivation. Even mild dehydration can reduce saliva flow, so if your bad breath is accompanied by dry mouth, drinking more water throughout the day may help. Put a glass of water next to your bed, you can also relax at night.

Water is essential for brain function. Studies have shown that about 2% of body fluid loss can cause a decline in mental function, so if you can’t concentrate, it may be time to take a break.

Increased exercise or physical work will increase the amount of water lost during sweating. It is best to drink two to three glasses of water before the activity and about 1 glass of water every 15 minutes or so during the activity. If you work or exercise in extreme temperatures, you may need more.

Drinking too much alcohol can cause a hangover the next day. Although one or two glasses of alcoholic beverages should not cause problems, excessive consumption can cause dehydration, inflammation, headaches and stomach irritation. Drink plenty of water during recuperation. Next time, drink water at a party-this may slow down your alcohol intake.

Women who are pregnant need about ten glasses of liquid every day. Some women retain extra fluid during pregnancy and experience some swelling, but this does not reduce the need for water. If you are pregnant, ask your doctor how much water you need each day.

Breast milk is mainly water, so you need to drink plenty of water during breastfeeding. The Institute of Medicine recommends that all breastfeeding mothers consume about 13 glasses of fluids a day. It does not have to be all water, because any healthy beverage can meet your liquid needs.

Caffeine is a diuretic, which means it makes you urinate more, but your body will adapt to a moderate caffeine intake, and the amount of water in your coffee or tea is enough to offset any fluid loss. But it’s not clear what happens if you consume a lot of caffeine without fluids. If you take a big mouth, you may be dehydrated. Drink energy drinks and dance all night without drinking extra water.

Water is essential for regulating body temperature, so if you go out in hot weather or stay indoors without air conditioning, you will need more water because heat will make you sweat more. Even if you are not active, spending a day at a temperature of 90 degrees may more than double your fluid requirements. If you are physically active, even more.

Air pressure decreases at higher altitudes. Compared with sea level, people living at 4,000 feet usually lose about 8 ounces of fluid per day, mainly due to changes in breathing. The higher you climb, the greater the chance of fluid loss, so if you are hiking in the mountains, be sure to bring extra water.

If you have a fever, dehydrating yourself will not help, and it may make the fever worse. Sip water or other liquids to stay hydrated. In addition, if the fever persists for more than two days or you have, please consult your healthcare provider. Other symptoms have not gone away.

There are many reasons for diarrhea, including infection, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. But regardless of the cause, diarrhea can cause dehydration. Drink plenty of water during and after diarrhea to stay hydrated.

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