The Importance of Atmospheric Water Generator Hygiene

February 28 , 2023
Diarrheal disease kills millions of people every year, many of them [children]. Many of these deaths can be attributed to unsafe water, poor sanitation and poor hygiene”;

Supply factors "at play", including "lack of infrastructure functionality", "lack of local accountability", water scarcity;

"Adequate sanitation is also important for health. Yet in many low-income countries, only a minority of households have access to improved sanitation. Part of this may be due to the low priority given to sanitation by public funding. But it is also due to Cultural and traditional norms, as well as lack of income or time. Poor topography or soil type and lack of land to build toilets also play a role in some areas”;

"Focus group participants were asked why they paid for their mobile phones and not for toilets. They responded that the one-time costs of toilets were much higher and that owning a mobile phone was a sign of modernity and had a negative impact on one's status in the community Important. Clearly more needs to be done to convince households of the importance of toilets, for example through hygiene marketing campaigns”;

"Finally, in terms of health benefits, perhaps no intervention is more cost-effective than promoting handwashing, yet only a small proportion of Ugandan households (less than one in 10) have access to handwashing facilities with soap and water. A campaign was held, But as participants in the focus group noted, “many community members did not attend, saying these trainings were a waste of time”;

"Washing your hands is considered a very strange practice in the local culture";

"Uganda has invested in safe water and sanitation for many years. But the constraints faced by households and communities are complex. Qualitative work carried out in 14 districts shows that solutions often have to be context- and community-specific."

I've noticed that over the years in the area of drinking water from air, academic researchers and businesses have focused almost exclusively on providing potable water - sanitation is rarely, if ever, mentioned. But clean water is essential for the personal hygiene of men, women, children and babies - using contaminated water or no water at all for sanitary applications has the potential to cause dire health problems. Designing Household water generator system versions specifically for personal hygiene could be a competitive advantage and improve the quality of life for millions of people.
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