The growing water problem

June 02 , 2021
In the United States, a drought monitoring agency publishes a map every Thursday to illustrate arid regions across the country.

The drought problem in the United States is also very serious, so monitoring agencies must conduct weekly monitoring. We know that drought is caused by low precipitation and rapid evaporation, high temperature and precipitation.

In addition, human beings are also the reasons for the worsening of the problem, such as cutting down trees, developing land, polluting fresh water resources, and overusing our water sources. The population is growing, and the per capita water consumption is also growing, but the natural fresh water resources are not growing, which has caused the problem of water shortage.

Water scarcity is a global problem that is currently happening in some of the largest cities in the United States.

Water is necessary for life; so you can imagine the anxiety of people in developed cities at the southern tip of Africa when they line up to receive water.

If you live in the United States, you can visit the local drought page of the National Weather Service to find out if your area is affected by drought.

With the increasing verification of this problem, our Airwaterawg company is also working hard to solve the global water shortage problem and learn about the Atmospheric Water Generatordrinking water from air products. How to get clean drinking water from air in arid areas or areas with serious water pollution. 
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