How does Airwaterawg's atmospheric water generator work

June 07 , 2021

The resulting atmospheric water generator (AWG) technology serves as an alternative source of water in areas with scarce or no supply at all.

The effects of climate change and global population growth will only increase the pressure on freshwater supplies.

The increase in demand will result in higher water costs, public scrutiny of water resources management, and greater commercial risks related to water supply. Ultimately, all of these will affect the competitiveness and bottom line of industrial and commercial companies.

Companies that are now actively managing and reducing water consumption will be better prepared to meet the growing challenges in the future.

Water scarcity and the ability to reuse/circulate water are two basic issues affecting today's society.

How does AWG work?

Airwaterawg's AWG's innovation, technology and patented design uniquely extract moisture and collect it from the atmosphere into pure water. The cleaner the incoming air, the easier it is for our AWG to filter it into clean water, so it uses an air filter as the first stage of filtration. The stored water is treated with ozone, a natural purification element. When this ozone water is needed, it will then be pumped through a series of purified water filters, and finally ultraviolet rays are used to remove and eliminate any microbial and bacterial contaminants that may survive the ozone. The water that enters your glass or pitcher is the best pure water you can imagine.

These incredible water generators produce a gallon of water at a cost of about 6-15 cents per gallon, depending on the cost of electricity. Industrial Atmospheric Water Generator can also be powered by alternative power sources such as solar, wind or diesel.

By using Atmospheric Water Machines, you can achieve the following goals:

Save water and save costs
The ability to manage and store source water and use it "on-demand" as needed
Minimize the use of plastic bottles
The ability to provide drinking and/or irrigation water to those who need it most

No need to spend a lot of money on increased pipeline infrastructure

Can control minerals in self-supply water for critical uses

Applications include:
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