How serious is freshwater pollution in India

December 31 , 2021

As we all know, India is a country with a large population, so the demand for fresh water resources is also increasing day by day, but India’s pollution problem has long been frozen.

It is estimated that 70% of surface water in my country is not suitable for human consumption. As waste moves from industrial units to freshwater sources such as lakes and rivers, a large amount of water is polluted.

Chemicals, waste, plastics and various pollutants have rapidly reduced our available drinking water supply. Due to this problem, the amount of available water is greatly reduced.

The gap between the supply and demand of fresh drinking water in India is widening. For freshwater pollution, this problem becomes more challenging. Although this is certainly not insurmountable, we believe that strong steps need to be taken to overcome India’s freshwater pollution. Out-of-the-box innovations such as atmospheric water purifiers can curb this problem to a large extent.

Companies like Airwaterawg are at the forefront of alleviating this problem, so no one is facing the problem of access to drinking water again. Their atmospheric water purifier converts the moisture in the Drinking water from air. Even in areas facing deflation of drinking water resources, their air-to-water technology can provide drinking water.

Therefore, the production of Atmospheric Water Machines is very important to the development of India. If purified water suitable for drinking can be produced from the air, then India’s freshwater pollution problem can be solved to a certain extent, and it will also help alleviate the world’s resource shortage.

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