Factors for buying an air generator

September 06 , 2021
Before you follow the path of airwaterawg and buy your own Air Atmospheric Water Generators, you should consider three important factors.

1) Why do you want one?

If you want cheap, clean water, it is best to filter the water that has already flowed from the tap. However, if you want a way to produce your own water in the event of a natural disaster, be more independent of the water company, or provide clean water to your cabin, then it is a wise purchase if you are far away from running water . Maybe one day we will get all the water we need through water agriculture at a low price, but for now, it is more useful as a backup or last resort than as the main water supply.

2) Short-term and long-term costs

The starting price of an atmospheric water generator is approximately US$1,000. Higher-quality household models sell for $1,500 or more. But the most important cost occurs after you buy it. Check the wattage of each model you consider to make sure they are energy efficient. Ideally, you want to produce as much water as possible while consuming as little energy as possible. After turning on the power, be prepared for higher energy bills.

3) Your local atmosphere

The moisture in the air is the raw material of the atmospheric water generator. An atmosphere that is too dry or too cold will lead to poor aquatic products. Therefore, the air generator also needs certain conditions to exert its real effect.

Office Air Drinking Water Generator

  • Item NO.: HR-88C

  • Product Origin: China

  • Water temperature: 4-10℃

  • Working temperature: 15-40℃

  • Working humidity: 35-95%

  • Filtration and sterilization: 12 Stage

  • Storage capacity: 16 Liters

We are a professional Office Air Drinking Water Generators manufacturers and Schools Air Drinking Water Generators suppliers. Using advanced air-to-water technology, drinking water from air,our experts have created a way for consumers to enjoy pure drinking water from the moisture in the air-instead of relying on global reserves.

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