Can atmospheric water affect our daily life

June 28 , 2021
For thousands of years, mankind has continued to innovate methods of extracting water from the air. However, in the past few decades, this ancient practice has acquired some impressive new techniques. In the field of water science, some of the most creative people have designed AWG machines, such as trucks that can produce water immediately, water coolers that don’t require bulky plastic water tanks, and turbines that can produce water around the clock.

To understand the working principle of Air To Water Machines, you can understand it through daily life. In dehumidifiers, refrigerators and air conditioners, the basic process behind AWG will undergo minor changes to some extent. This is because the core of the AWG just condenses air and extracts water from it. In fact, in the hot summer, when the air conditioner is running at full speed, the water dripping from the air conditioner is also the result of the AWG-many engineers have already figured out ways to capture this water for other purposes.

The core function of the atmospheric water generator is to reduce the air temperature below its dew point, while the air conditioner is designed to cool the air to room temperature. Once the air temperature drops below its dew point, the air will be filled with water vapor. As this hotter air cools further below this temperature, more water is formed.

In some cases, a significant temperature difference between the air and the space where the AWG will occur will drive the process. In other cases, the thermoelectric process will quickly lower the air temperature, thereby replicating the functionality of modern refrigerants without using energy-intensive compression processes (or leaking harmful refrigerant by-products into the environment).

Some modern portable air to water machines equipment reduces the air temperature for more than just reaching the dew point quickly. Even if the air temperature gets lower and lower, or even exceeds the dew point, not all gases in the air will condense. These cooler gases can then be stored and sent back to the process to speed up the cooling process, thereby increasing the amount of water that the AWG can produce in a given time frame.

The Household Air to Water Drinking Generator produced by Airwaterawg, The water is filtered and sterilized to produce healthy water.Suitable for families, offices, schools, hospitals, gyms, cafes and restaurants, hotels and resorts and other facilities. It can immediately enjoy healthy,fresh and cost-effective air and water for you.

Household Air to Water Drinking Generator HR-90HK

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