Are AWG machines more affected by humidity

June 21 , 2021

In most atmospheric water generator, condensation occurs when the air entering the machine reaches the dew point. However, to produce enough water at this time, there must already be enough water in the air to produce a large amount of water-this is the source of humidity.

In the case of higher absolute humidity, the air will contain more moisture. When the air temperature decreases, the moisture is contained in a smaller volume of gas. When this air cools below its dew point, the amount of gas will become too small to hold moisture, so it will condense. Therefore, higher humidity is critical to the success of air water generator.

In addition, the dew point only depends on the moisture content in the air, so the higher the dew point, the higher the absolute humidity. The interrelationship between the two measurements means that the two metrics support each other in the AWG machine, and to control one is to control the other.

How to control humidity in an AWG factory

Obviously, a higher absolute humidity will result in a higher water output of the AWG. Airwaterawg designed AWG plants, which can provide the best temperature and humidity control, so as to always provide continuous maximum volume of water.

Airwaterawg controls these parameters in the room where the air is introduced. After the air is sucked in and passed through the most advanced bag filter, the air reaches the chamber where the temperature and humidity conditions are maintained to produce the maximum amount of water output. In other words, Airwaterawg cools the air to a temperature below its relative humidity of 100%.

Although for AWG, air with as high absolute humidity as possible is the best choice, Airwaterawg will skillfully control temperature and humidity to achieve maximum water output regardless of the absolute humidity of the air. All the water produced is processed by another set of advanced filters before being mineralized and packaged for distribution. This means that Airwaterawg’s AWG plant can not only effectively pump water from the air, but also convert it into the world. Clean water that people can use.

As the first world-recognized manufacturer initializing Atmospheric Water Generators concept and successfully converting into mass production, thereafter it has been in the lead of the industry as the largest manufacture base for over 20 years regardless of being copied by other manufacturers. We focus its full resources in developing, manufacturing, and marketing of air water machine (AWG) as well as RO Water Purification and Filtration appliances.
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