What are the disadvantages of hydrogen water

October 20 , 2021
I believe that the importance of water to humans goes without saying. Humans need water to maintain health and even survive. But for some people, ordinary water is far from enough. In recent years, flavored water, alkaline water, soda water and now hydrogen water have become popular as alternative hydration methods.

The chemical composition of ordinary water is two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen (hence the name H2O). When additional hydrogen molecules from dissolved hydrogen are added to ordinary drinking water, hydrogen water is produced. This means there is more hydrogen and less oxygen in the water-which is said to have antioxidant properties and improve athletic performance.

Hydrogen water is different from alkaline water. "Alkaline water is electrolyzed to separate the molecules before sucking out some acidic molecules and leaving more alkaline ones, or adding minerals or naturally containing them to make the pH higher than 7," said the researcher Kelly Jones. But its core chemical composition is still H2O.

Hydrogen-rich water is not necessarily new; it has been reported that it has been the mainstay of Japanese health culture for at least a decade. But three years ago, the celebrity dermatologist and skincare founder Nicolas Perricone, MD, started selling, which attracted the attention of the mainstream in the United States. His hydrogen water product was priced at $3 per can. Therefore, more and more people are beginning to buy hydrogen water-related equipment to reduce their investment.

"A small study shows that drinking hydrogen-rich water may improve mood, but this study needs to be replicated on a larger scale," Rizzo added. That's because the sample size of the study is only 26 people, which is hardly enough to show meaningful results for a large number of people.

Hydrogen water is safe, it will keep you hydrated. However, you may not get anything particularly beneficial from drinking ordinary water.

In addition, it is quite expensive. A pack of 12 cans of 8-ounce Dr. Perricone hydrogen water cans will cost you $32; six packs of 11-ounce HFactor pouches will cost you $16; and a pack of 28 16.9-ounce HTwo pouches will cost you $61. Compare it to free water from a tap, or even other types of bottled water (12 packs of 30.4 ounce Polish spring water bottles sell for $20 on Amazon), and you will get the opposite of the bargain. In other words, if you like its taste and want to pay extra, then everything belongs to you.

Therefore, you can choose a hydrogen-rich water machine to produce pure water suitable for drinking, which can not only ensure your health, but also reduce the cost of words, killing two birds with one stone.
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