Simple science about atmospheric generators

July 12 , 2021
Since the turn of the century, Atmospheric Water Machines (AWG) have emerged. However, they have not become widespread enough that their basic functions, capabilities, advantages, and shortcomings have not yet been widely understood. Similarly, there is little discussion about the potential of the atmospheric water production process to solve the growing global water crisis. If the process of atmospheric water generation is designed to avoid its long-standing shortcomings.
Next, let's take a look at the relevant knowledge about atmospheric generators.

1. What kind of machine is AWG?

Air Water Generator is a machine that uses temperature gradient or thermoelectric process to convert environmental humidity from air to drinking water.

2. What is the working principle of the atmospheric generator?

The AWG process involves cooling air to a temperature where water vapor condenses into a liquid. When the air reaches a temperature called the dew point, the air is completely filled with water. When the air temperature drops below the dew point, there is no room for the air to store water in the form of vapor, so the water will condense.

3. What temperature does the AWG need to work normally?

Although the AWG process can be performed at any humidity level above zero, it is more challenging to perform the process when the humidity level is below 35%. When the humidity is higher than 50%, the Office Air Water Generators process is particularly susceptible to irritation.

4. What are the effects of weather and environment on the atmospheric generator?

Weather and environment have a great influence on the AWG process. For example, humidity in a desert climate rarely exceeds 25%, which makes the prospect of generating atmospheric water more challenging. In addition, as the temperature decreases, the amount of water contained in the air also decreases.

However, at Airwaterawg, we do AWG not inside the machine but in the factory. In these larger settings, we can directly control the environment to achieve ideal humidity and temperature settings to maximize water output. This means that water can be produced uninterrupted throughout the day, anywhere in the world, at any time of the year.

We are the answer to global water shortage and purification needs. We are the World's Largest Selling Air Water Generator and Drinking Water Purifier brand with its presence in over 65 countries. Our Atmospheric Water Generators provide the most cost-effective solution and most solid quality products to the global shortage of drinking water by extracting water from thin air and turning it into pure, healthy drinking water.
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