Household water generator can meet family needs

September 27 , 2021

With the increasing shortage of water resources, as the water crisis becomes more real, drought, pollution, snowdrift depletion and other problems have shortened our fresh water supply, you need to use a technology to improve water IQ-atmospheric water production. Although this sounds like a distant and completely different future, there are actually residential water generators on the market today that can meet the water needs of the entire family.

There are many ways to produce fresh water supplies, from anti-fog fences to desalination plants. However, as long as the atmospheric conditions are right, the house also has hydroelectric power generation technology. If the humidity, temperature, and altitude are combined correctly, the Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) will dehumidify to take advantage of the natural process of condensation.

Essentially, the Air To Water Machines is inserted and the coil is cooled so that the warm air passing through it condenses from vapor to liquid. The liquid is captured and stored in a water storage tank as fresh drinking water. As long as the humidity is higher than 40%, the altitude is lower than 4,000 feet, and the ambient air temperature is higher than 35°F, water can be collected.

There are usually a series of filtration systems to purify the air passing through the equipment so that the condensate coils are kept clean, as well as a water filtration system for collecting water. In fact, in order to meet the FDA and NSF standards for water purity, many systems use one or more filtration technologies, including ultraviolet light chambers, carbon filtration, and water recovery in many methods, in order to keep the indoor water refiltered.

Some models also provide additional benefits, such as the option to hang on the faucet, so that once the water in the storage tank is used up, the owner can still use the filtration system to filter the tap water, or separate the water tank so that hot and cold water can be provided on demand.

AWG uses a lot of energy to produce water, which is why even if commercial-scale generators exist, they have not been explored as seriously as desalination plants for large-scale freshwater. However, new technologies are being explored to use renewable energy to power the system.

For household water, the Household Mini Air Water Generators wattage varies from 300 watts to 1200 watts, depending on the size of the equipment and its power generation capacity. In other words, their level is equivalent to a PC desktop computer system, or a home entertainment system equipped with a plasma TV and XBox. When conducting a cost analysis to determine whether energy use is worthwhile, it proves that it is cheaper than buying bottled water. Moreover, the air generator has its own water filtration system, which can produce pure water suitable for drinking, which is healthier than ordinary tap water.
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