Drought affects agricultural development

March 22 , 2022
The eastern states of Australia are chronically affected by drought, and there is great concern over the need to provide short-term solutions through drought relief. There is a lot of concern but long-term resilience is a critical issue, especially as climate change puts further pressure on farmers and farmland.

Helping farmers improve the rivers, dams, native vegetation and trees on their land can improve productivity, the ability of the land to withstand drought, and thus improve the health and well-being of farmers, research has found.

Now is the time to invest more than ever in vital networks in regional Australia, such as land care and natural resource management groups such as local land services and watershed management authorities.

This has led to increasing pressure on agriculture, with some researchers arguing that as much as 370 million hectares of land in Australia and the Pacific is being degraded. Productivity declines of this magnitude have major implications for the long-term sustainability of agricultural production.

Research shows that improving a farm's natural assets can increase yields and avoid erosion and flood protection costs. For example, restoring riparian vegetation can increase dry matter production in nearby paddocks, thereby increasing milk production in dairy herds by 5%.

Likewise, shelter belts (tree paths planted next to paddocks) reduce wind speed and wind chill and increase pasture yields for livestock by 8%, while contributing to biodiversity.

Well-supported and well-resourced organisations such as Landcare groups are critical to supporting effective land management, which can improve degraded land and help fields (and farmers) get through tough times.

However, Landcare and other natural resource management agencies have made significant budget cuts over the past decade.

They are also an important part of the social fabric, bringing together landowners to exchange ideas and support each other. In fact, the Australian model of land conservation is well-received globally and has been adopted by 22 other countries.

In addition, the technology of producing water is continuously researched. The Atmospheric Water Machines is a machine that can produce water from the air. Its appearance can improve the impact of drought on agriculture. The Air Atmospheric Water Generators produced by Airwaterawg is specially designed for Agriculturally designed for use in arid remote areas.
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